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Hosted Journeys recommends purchasing your foreign currency through Travelex which can be found as stand alone stores, or implants in many Helloworld travel agencies. 
Travelex trades in over 60 currencies, from Pounds to Pesos or Dollars to Dirhams, they will be able to help.Most major currencies such as British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, New Zealand and Canadian Dollars as well as a selection of minor currencies can be purchased on the spot. If Travelex doesn’t have it in the branch, they can usually order it in with a couple days’ notice meaning you'll never have to worry about getting caught short. 
You may like to consider purchasing a Multi-currency Cash Passport from Travelex, which allows you to easily load multiple currencies (a selection of ten different currencies currently available for loading) on to the one card. Easy to reload online while travelling, this PIN-protected pre-paid MasterCard is a safe and convenient way to carry your money with you. Simply access your money from millions of ATM's worldwide or use it at over 33 million locations. 
Currencies available to load on our Travelex Cash Passport include Australian Dollar, Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Thai Baht, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen and Singapore Dollar.
Foreign Currency

Below are recommended currencies to travel abroad with which may be easier to convert to the local currency; not necessarily the official National Currency.

Foreign Currency Table



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