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Your passport is your most valuable travel document.

Our recommendation is to ensure you make photocopies of your passport and take them with you. It’s also a great idea to email a photocopy of your passport to yourself, so you have it electronically if you need it. It is vital all Australian citizens have a valid passport prior to leaving Australia and that it remains valid while you are overseas. 
Different countries have different passport requirements which will be discussed by your Travel Advisor. To ensure you have no issues, we recommend you travel with a passport which has six months validity remaining, from the time you return home. 
Your Travel Advisor will discuss any visa requirements with you, prior to your holiday. Visa requirements can be checked with the relevant foreign agencies (embassy, consulate or high commission) of countries you will travel to. Even if you’re just transiting through a country, you should check that country’s entry and departure legislation.
Helloworld Travel Tools - Passports & Visas 


  • A visa does not guarantee entry into a country.
  • In most cases a tourist visa does not allow you to conduct any type of employment while you are there, including voluntary or unpaid work.
  • You must adhere to visa stay requirements as overstaying can, in some cases, lead to arrest.
  • To avoid being scammed check the travel information on the Smart Traveller website and only use sites that have been linked to and from the government website. DFAT is unable to provide visa assistance for you from overseas.



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