Mississippi River Cruise

The Lower Mississippi River has stories to share – a legacy that flows from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico. Embark on more than just a cruise, and return with more than memories: experience, understanding, an enlightened perspective. Let us introduce you to the American South – what it has been and what it has become. A new chapter awaits around each bend in the river.

Follow the Northern Lights

Explore Oslo, Norway’s capital, and the spectacular Flam Railway. During your cruise up the coastline of Norway, view the little hamlets, picturesque fjords and, if you’re lucky, the mysterious Northern Lights. Imagine lying back in a glass igloo and gazing into the night sky – this will be just one of your unique experiences. Head further south to the Finnish lake district and take in Helsinki, Finland’s capital, and experience a day trip to the medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia.

Egypt, Jordan & Israel

Embark on a cultural and historic adventure like no other, encompassing the best of Egypt, Jordan and Israel. From the “Lands of the Pharaohs: to the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, from sun kissed Cairo to the sweeping desert and echoing formation of Wadi Rum and the religious melting pot of Jerusalem, this trip is a bucket list odyssey.

Wonders of Tasmania

Australia’s island state “Tassie” offers travellers the experience of a modern-day Eden. Refreshingly undeveloped in areas will have you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Experience Tasmania’s breathtaking natural wonders of ancient rainforests, rugged mountains, spectacular coastlines and sparkling lakes. It’s fascinating history, world class food and laid back way local way of life will have you coming back time and again.

Outback Station Stays

Join us in experiencing Outback Station Stays of Queensland and New South Wales. Set in the ruggedly beautiful plains, gain a taste of authentic station life whilst visiting farms, cattle stations and homesteads. Enjoy good old country hospitality, be amazed by the great vast landscapes and encounter a distinctive way of life away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Great European Rail Journey

The world has never been more connected and journeys by rail are just one example of this. Transporting you between cities and countries with ease and in the utmost luxury, Travelmarvel and Helloworld Travel Hosted Journeys have sought out an itinerary that celebrates the wonders of rail, and delivers them with expertise.