What Our Customers Say

The whole trip was excellent, but my highlight was floating above the Bagan temples in a hot air balloon. It took my breath away. It was also beneficial to have someone looking after us in a developing country. Sue was professional and great company, just what you need in a personal tour.

HJ Traveller

Secrets of Burma

Seeing so many animals up close to our safari vehicle is definitely something I will never forget. Our accommodation was authentic and I loved the helicopter flight over Victoria Falls. Roz ensured our holiday flowed smoothly and her assistance made getting through the airports hassle free.

John & Marilyn

Legends of the Zambezi

Such a well planned tour with highlights at every destination but my favourite was the last zodiac trip – complete silence in the middle of an ice field watching calving glaciers. Visiting remote villages along the coast of Greenland was also a real eye opener. We would have been lost without Matthew. He helped us so many times. We thank him dearly.

Brian & Debbie

The Arctic Expedition

We were so lucky with the animal sightings. I feel every trip would have a fair share of animals and experiences. The sand dunes and lunar terrain is most amazing. Bush dinners were most enjoyable and the hot air balloon ride was a must. What can I say, you can’t improve on perfect!     


Namibia's Natural Wonders

The tour was very well put together and I don’t think there could have been much else included. I loved seeing Mt Fuji after fresh snow had fallen and the extra bonus of having our farewell dinner with a geisha. Leah, our host, was very helpful, fun and made getting around the cities easy as she could speak fluent Japanese.

HJ Traveller

Japan Revealed

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