Welcome To Our New Hosted Journeys Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Hosted Journeys travel website. Built with the needs of you, the traveller, in mind, it allows you to plan, research and book your perfect hosted journey or event.

We wanted to make sure that our valued customers could find all of our great itineraries in the one place and be kept up to date with the latest travel news and deals.

Here is 7 reasons why we think you will love our new website just as much as us.

1. Exclusive Collections Designed Just for You

We have been in business for over 30 years putting together millions of itineraries across the world for different customers. Our Hosted Journey itineraries have been tried, tested and recommended by our team especially for you. We review every aspect of the itinerary, from ensuring you have a knowledgeable host, to specialised experiences, to unique accommodation stays. There is an itinerary for every interest - foodie, cultural, history, adventure or simple a hassle-free experience to maximum your time off.

2. First Look at Newly Released Itineraries

Not only will you be the first to see all new collections in one place, you will be able to take time to read our in-depth brochures which covers a day-by-day explanation of the hosted journey, covering every aspect such as your host, where you will stay, eat, drink, suggested extras and how you will get around. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter, our Hosted Journey’s Tribe, so you will be kept up-to-date with just released itineraries or travel deals.

3. Get to Know Our Experienced Hosts

Our Hosts are especially hand-picked to ensure that you have maximum enjoyment. Our new site will feature our hosts. We will post where they have travelled, what they have been up to and where they are planning to go next. Our hosts are people who live and breathe travel and who are best placed to ensure you maximise your experience and unearth little-known treasures along the way. We also have an unparalleled team of travel professionals who support our hosts 24/7 to minimise hassles and cover every area of travel from accidents, insurance claims, missing baggage etc.

4. All Inclusive – No Hidden Costs

There is nothing worse than booking a holiday only to find out that there were a lot of hidden hosts and extras. Hosted Journeys prides itself on making sure we include as much into the holiday as possible so that you have peace of mind on exactly what your holiday will cost you. You can also browse our brochures where we highlight the extras, so you can plan your spending money and maximise your experience.

5. Travelling Solo, No Worries

Whatever your reasons, we happily match solo travellers to not only ensure that you can experience your travel with others, but we will actively work to match you so that we can make group travel affordable.

6. Deposit Now, Pay Later

Take advantage of the fact that we look after the group booking for you – which means that you can pay your deposit now and your holiday later. Alternatively, we are also excited to be able to offer interest free holiday finance. This provides you the financial flexibility and freedom when it comes time to book your next Hosted Journey holiday.

7. Exclusive offers

Stay up-to-date with the We have sourced exclusive offers, holidays and tours we have sourced through our trusted suppliers.

If you would like more information or to sign-up to our Hosted Journey’s Tribe newsletter, please send us an email at info@hostedjourneys.com.au.

About Hosted Journeys

Hosted Journeys aims to create lifelong memories and friends that share a passion for travel, food, history, culture and adventure by providing unique itineraries that maximises the travel experience and minimises the hassles.

Like you, the people behind Hosted Journeys are passionate travellers and love nothing more than delving into the food, history and culture of each tailor-made itinerary and experiencing what it’s really like to live like a local. We specialise in once-in-a-life time experiences and have been helping travellers tick items off their travel bucket lists for over 30 years; to destinations both within Australia and around the world.

Join our growing client list who love:

  • Fellowship of other travellers

  • Like to travel in small groups

  • Appreciate an all-inclusive product is unique and won’t find anywhere else

  • Travel with a host for the whole trip – including assisting with logistics for travel days

  • Tried and tested intineraries that we know you will love

  • Solo travellers welcomed, we can even help match you

  • Deposit now, pay later

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