Best Travel Packing Tips

What to pack?!?

You have booked and paid for your well-earned holiday. You have finalised things at work, organised the house-sitter/pet-sitter and you're ready to go. But, for some reason, this is the hardest part - what to pack????

Who better to ask than the travel professionals? With over 32 staff who have 250+ years experience combined, Helloworld Travel Mackay and Mt Pleasant, have pooled their travel packing tips just for you!


Before you go

  • Don’t start packing too early as you may forget what you have and haven’t put in your bag

  • Take a photo of your belongings laid out on your bed and then another of your suitcase. This helps when making an insurance claim if your bag should get misplaced by the airline or if you have items stolen.

  • Always make sure your suitcases are labelled

  • Ensure to scan copies of your important documents (e.g. passport, visas and credit cards) and email them to yourself in the event they are lost or stolen

  • Think about what to wear on flights as you may be asked to remove shoes and/or belts at security checks

  • Leave valuable/sentimental jewellery at home to avoid being a target for thieves

  • Remove unnecessary loyalty/membership cards from your wallet and don't carry your wallet in your back pocket

Carry On Luggage

  • Travel documents including passport, visas, travel insurance details, itinerary, spare passport photos (if you need to replace your passport when you are away), youth/student/seniors card for travel discounts, international driver's licence if planning to drive a hire car

  • Eye mask and ear plugs - helps to block out light and noise so you can get a refreshing sleep

  • Spare set of clothes - just in case your luggage gets lost

  • Cardigan/scarf/light jacket as aircraft cabins can get cold

  • Nasal spray and moisturising cream to help with the dry air in aircraft

  • Anti-bacterial wipes

  • Compression travel socks - particularly for long-haul international flights

Checked Luggage

  • Use lightweight luggage so you can maximise your packing weight

  • Pack less then you think you will need as you will always use less

  • Packing cells, large zip loc bags or compression/vacuum bags are an excellent way to organise your clothes into type (e.g. casual, formal, resort wear, socks, underwear)

  • Choose easy-wash and fast-drying clothing

  • Rolling clothes takes up less surface area and minimises creases

  • Pack socks and underwear in shoes and keep foowear to a minimum

  • Zip loc bags have many uses including storing dirty or wet clothes, souvenirs, receipts, jewellery, toiletries that may leak

  • Pack a sarong – it has multiple uses including a towel at the beach or to cover yourself if you are cold or in religious places

  • Always travel with a basic medical kit including electrolyte tablets and a Doctor's letter outlining any medication you are travelling with

  • Small sewing kit & safety pins

  • Power converter and perhaps a powerboard to ensure you can charge/use more than one device at the same time (e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop, camera)

  • Consider packing some belongings between suitcases if you are travelling with others should one of your bags go missing or is delayed

  • Leave space so you can fit souvenirs!

When you have arrived at your destination

  • Hang up clothes and unpack as soon as you arrive to prevent having to iron

  • Leave one of the shoes you are wearing the next day on checkout on the safe so you don’t forget to take what is inside it.

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